2009 Election liveblog

11:00: Final update. Republicans have a lot of reasons to be optimistic tonight, and I thinkCT Bob makes an important point–Democrats need to figure out what’s going on if they want to have any hope of retaining their supermajority next year. It’s hard to translate local election gains into success at the legislative level, but this is as much of a party-based tide as I’ve seen in the local elections I’ve covered. Usually there’s no real partisan focus to municipal elections. Not true tonight, and that should give Dems pause.

I am out of here.

10:55: One more: Republicans take control of the council… in NEW LONDON. Seriously! Everything is now officially bonkers, and Chris Healy is king of Connecticut. Wow!

10:27: Okay, that is just about it for me tonight… but here’s what I’m seeing. Lots of wins by Republicans, including strong holds in cities, and plenty of seats flipping their way. Republicans can feel good about tonight.

10:26: Derby still exists? How disappointing.

10:25: Looks like Mary Glassman (D) is headed for another term in Simsbury. I got that not from a news site or somewhere else, but from the town website. …Yeah.

10:20: Republicans retain council majority in Enfield. Congrats to Mayor Kaupin, Bill Lee and the rest of the GOP team! They also retained their majority on the BoE. I can report that the consolidation of polling places didn’t cause any headaches that I could see.

10:15: Incumbents, mainly Dems, not doing so well in Fairfield County.

10:14: What’s going on in Enfield? I haven’t the faintest clue.

10:12: Some good-ish news for Dems: a possible win in traditionally GOP Suffield, though it looks like it’s headed for a recount.

10:05: Lots of hits on the ol’ blog tonight. Hi everyone!

10:03: Courant’s election coverage is very, very sub-par this year.

10:01: If I had to guess, I’d say a lot of the Obama voters from last year stayed home.

9:53: Tonight’s narrative: REPUBLICANS. Did Dems win any big races? Many of the Dems who are winning are incumbents. Republicans showing a lot of pickups. Small and medium cities are trending GOP, add Stamford into that column. Somebody send Chris Healy a big fruit basket.

9:50: FINALLY results from Newington. CTGOP reports that Republican Jeff Wright won re-election. I’m not surprised at that either. Good to know what’s what in the 06111.

9:44: Republican Peter Nystrom declares victory in Norwich. Norwich Bulletin has lots of election results–they have been a consistently good source for the last five years.

9:42: Ward (D) wins in Bristol by a lot.

9:39: I’m hearing Republicans have won big in Cheshire.

9:33: Sarno wins up in Springfield, MA. Good. Funny how invested I’ve become in that place.

9:26: Republican win in Darien. Dems win in Weston. Republicans pick up majority on Wethersfield council. Interesting, that.

9:21: Dems win in Norfolk, Beacon Falls, Essex, Harwinton, Kent, Killingworth, Sherman, Putnam. Republicans win in Westbrook, Sharon, Preston, Middlefield, Goshen, Columbia, Burlington.

9:18: Boughton declares victory in Danbury.

9:05: Another term for Ryan Bingham in Torrington. No surprise there.

9:02: Pavia declares victory in Stamford. Dan Malloy grinds his teeth.

8:58: Ooo, it’s a good night to be a Republican. GOP picks up Somers, and there’s morerolling in on their Twitter.

8:57: The Herald reporting Tim Stewart barely hangs on against Tim O’Brien. Unofficial results show Stewart winning by less than 100 votes!

8:55: TER reports results for Eastford, North Stonington.

8:54: Turnout was modest in most places.

8:53: Just saw a report on Facebook that Democrats are big winners in Portland. Facebook! Oh newfangled technology.

8:47: Middletown Eye reports Giuliano wins. Blogs are totally beating the regular media.

8:46: What. There’s no way to see all towns at once on the Courant’s site. Boo!

8:41: I’m following CTGOP on Twitter, they’ve got good real time results.

Okay! Final election results liveblogging: GO.

8:36: Nationally, it seems like a good night to be a Republican–take from that whatever you will!

Results are starting to come in. Hat City Blog is covering Danbury (and Bethel), while East Haven Politics says the mayor has won there by a narrow margin.

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