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Rules for Commenting

SeeRules for Commentingpage.


We do require all users who want to post to register.

To register, just click on “register” to the right to set up an account. You’ll need a valid email address.

If there are any questions, please email us or post on the forum.


I’ve seen several people comment that they don’t know much about HTML. For your reference, here are some useful HTML commands (you can use these on the comment post screen):

<i> enables italics. </i> disables italics. Therefore:


…would show up as italics.

<b> enables boldface. </b> disables boldface. Therefore:


…would show up as boldface. These are the two most common HTML commands.

Links: To type in a link, do the following:

<a href=”http://the URL”>text you want to appear</a>

For example, if I were to type

<a href=””>Connecticut Local Politics</a>

I would see this:

Connecticut Local Politics

Creating links is much better than simply posting a huge URL (the address).

There are plenty of useful HTML help pages out there. Here’s one I’ve used from time to time.

Other Problems

Please email me if comments or other features don’t seem to be working. Jeenaone [at] Gmail [dot] com.


5 responses to “Site Help

  1. cannot set up for town blog for woodstock,ct

  2. in woodstock the bradfordcorner road development was fixed.i called the developer before it went infrond of town hall he claimed it was a done deal and you cannot stop it.who was in his pocket i must ask to say such a bold statement to can the engineer also be part of the plan when he had direct ties as the seller of the the documentation really is true or false . iit is my opion that a outside engineer should of been used at the cost of the developer.i feel the people and residents of woodstock are being decepted by who we appointed to protect are town. my question is whos in whos pocket

  3. It would be nice if:

    lists worked
    I won the lottery

  4. Where can I register? I looked to the right as instructed, but there was no link for registering.

    And why are the posts a couple of years old, pertaining to events over two years ago?

    I wish to participate on the blog because politics are indeed important to Connecticut voters, especially when so many residents are suffering financially.

    I would appreciate a response.

    Thank you,
    The Barefoot Accountant
    Connecticut Politics

  5. Barefoot Accountant,

    This is an archive. The site existed from 2005-2010, at which point we shut it down. Sorry! There are plenty of other more current sites out there.

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